Pass Career is an end-to-end recruiting funnel

Enterprise-verify recruiting software that provides a great candidate experience at every step

Current problems with recruitment process

Company brand is weakened

Traditional recruiting solutions rely on a “post-and-pray” approaches- which usually take weeks, even months to recruit a right candidate.

Drain resources and waste time

HRs are tired of endlessly scheduling interviews and keeping track of applicant status manually.

Can’t nurture talent

Companies still keep and maintain their talent pools on spreadsheets, which are vulnerable to fraud, not designed for collaborate work and not suitable for integrating data from different sources, consolidating them, and summarizing the information so that it could aid the company in making sound decisions.

Source new candidate manually is no longer cost-effective

HRs are exhausted of endless phone/in-person interview while resume screening is no longer a reliable method to filter out unqualified candidates.

Why Pass Career

Advanced Job Marketplace

Our career sites are backed by complex and advanced matching algorithms, which show relevant jobs to candidates and connect right applicants to employers faster than traditional recruiting solutions.

  • 64% of candidates listed Career Sites as a Top Resource Channel for Researching New Opportunities (The Talent Board’s 2015 Candidate Experience Research)
  • 61% of Talent Acquisition Leaders Think Career Sites are the Best Channel for Employer Brand Building (LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Survey)
  • 58% of HR professionals think career sites are more important to employer branding (Jibe’s 2016 State of Employer Branding Report)

The Importance of Pre-assessment Interviewing

On-demand screening features (coding/video/text/multiple-choice questions) can satisfy all your needs

  • Conducting first round interviews by pre-assessment test certainly saves time and money
  • Recording the interview allows any necessary member of staff can view at a time convenient to them
  • Analyze the candidate in more scrutiny, and take decision better

Why your company need Applicant Tracking Systems?

Applicant Tracking Systems in the recruitment industry includes the ability to automate the recruitment process via a defined workflow

  • Help employers stay organized
  • Search engine optimization
  • Help the recruitment save time and paper
  • Easier manage candidates' status
If your company is struggling to source and hire the great candidates,
there may be several options that can explore.
PassCareer, was the perfect hiring platform. PassCareer delivered a great candidate experience with the intuitive and automated system. So we can focus on our main business execution with great staff!

Fiona Lee, COO & Founder of

Car From Japan

Pass Career saves us 50% amount of time for recruitment. We enjoy the platform by testing candidate for culture fit ( with recorded interview) and knowledge ( with coding interview).