Our Company
We know recruiting. In fact, we both helped companies build talent to raise millions of dollars and ship recruitment software to thousands of beloved users.
What We Do
We believe business can grow with a correct team of talent
Hiring is difficult. It is always something companies with different size understand well. Before starting Pass Career, Duc was helping companies around the world building a technical team and raised millions of dollars. Our company is also providing artificial intelligence tools that can reach and source talents in the most effective way.
Pass Career was founded on the belief that the current technical hiring way does not do effective enough to help tech talents show their full potential. Our founders began Pass Career to help engineers can find great opportunities without depending on the traditional standard of their resume credentials.
Our Values
We strive to connect excellent opportunities for those talents who have been placed in not ideal positions to advance the next career advancement that are exciting and challenging. We believe businesses with the normal idea are much more successful built by the awesome talent than those ones with the exceptional but poor team.
Core Services
service 1
For Company - Hire better tech talents
Help company to grow technical talents and team
service 2
For Technical Talents - Get the job you love
Help technical talents to match with thriving opportunities
Our Team
Duke Vu's avatar
Duke Vu
Help software teams around the world to raise and generate millions of dollars by building an awesome engineering team. My mission is bridging the world closer by software and culture
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William Le
Tech captain overviews all Pass Career technology. He loves playing Nintendo game in free time with his family and cat.
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Danny Nguyen
Board of Directors
Computer science major with business mindset, ex-Amazon engineering, exited restaurant business and a social game
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Timothy Wee
Tim is currently working on machine learning at Google. Previously, he was one of the first engineers on the Amazon Ads data team, and co-led ML for a startup that got acquired by Staples
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Alexander Pham
A young engineer who shipped product used by Google, Harveynash, Gojek and multiple prominent companies in the world
“Pass Career makes recruitment a breeze with high-quality candidates and quick results. Thanks to them, we hired our first engineers who saw our growth from the very beginning to a team of 20 with a total of funding of $3 millions”
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Fiona Lee
COO Pod Foods
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